New Baby Anoa Born in Indonesia’s Manado

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Durian.  A male lowland anoa (bubalus depressicornis) was born at the Anoa Breeding Centre in Manado, Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province on Sunday (9/7) , according to Heru Setiawan, head of the Centre for Environment and Forestry ‘s Standard Instrument Appliance on Monday.

He said that the baby anoa was born with weight of 6 kg and 52 cm length from parents female anoa named Anara and male anoa named Rocky.

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According to Heru, the baby anoa is in healthy condition and it has started its adaptation with the new environment, interacting with its mother and is able to be fed as well as walking normally.

Since the conservation centre was established eight years ago, at least five anoa, the endemic animal of Sulawesi Island, were born there.

So far the Anoa Breeding Centre Manado has five female anoa and five male anoa. Anoa is a protected animal in Indonesia and it is placed in the IUCN’s endangered animal list which is estimated less than 2,5000 of them are alive worldwide.

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