Fire Destroys 2 Hectare Forest Area in Indonesia’s Central Java

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Durian. Fire has inflamed forest area in Sragen and Klaten regencies in Indonesia’s Central Java on Tuesday, no casualties are reported and the fire could be extinguished, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said on Wednesday.

According to data that was gathered by local branches of BNPB, three villages are affected by the forest fire. At least two hectare of land was destroyed due to the fire.

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The BNPB urged regional governments and all related parties to be aware about potential forest fire during this dry season in the near future. Some part of Indonesia, including Java Island is having dry season.

“The BNPB is urging regional governments and the people to increase the awareness on the forest and land fire potential regarding prolong days without rain on Java Island in general,” the agency said.

It suggests regional governments to use weather modify technique to fill dams and water storages as the prepared actions, although no peatland on Java Island.

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