Indonesian Govt.  Says Militant Group FPI Illegal

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Durian. Indonesian government on Dec.30 officially announced the Islamic Defenders’ Front (FPI) as an illegal organization and forbid any activity using the militant group’s accessories and name.

The group did not extend its permit as a mass organization according to Indonesian laws since June 2019 which means it’s officially illegal to conduct any activity.

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‘’FPI was de jure has been dispersed since June 20,2019  as a mass organization, however as it kept conducting activities that as a group which violating order and security against laws,’’ Chief Security Minister Mahfud MD said in press conference in Jakarta.

Deputy Justice and Human Rights Minister Edward Hiariej in the event explained that according to data, 35 members or ex members of FPI were involved in terrorism activities and more than 200 others in general crimes.

Therefore the government represented by Chief Security Minister Mahfud MD, Home Affairs Minister Tito Karnavian, Justice and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly, Communication and Informatics Minister Johni Plate, Attorney General Burhanuddin, National Police Chief Gen. Idham Azis and Head of National Agency for Handling Terrorism (BNPT) Coms. Gen. Boy Rafly Amar have signed a joint decision on banning FPI on Dec.30.

‘’Based on the Constitutional Court’s verdict No.82, year 2013 on Dec.23,2014; the government (of Indonesia) forbid any activity of FPI and to stop each event conducted because it doesn’t has legal standing as a mass organization or as a group,’’ Mahfud MD said.

During the press conference, videos on FPI activities such as take oath to Islamic State (IS) leader Al Bagdadi, support of the international terrorist organization stated by its chairman Rizieq Shihab were shown to journalists.

In responding to government statement, FPI’s board invited media on Dec.30 afternoon for a press conference at its headquarters in Petamburan, West Jakarta. However, police and military personnel were deployed to withdraw the organization symbols and banners  as well as guarded the area from possible activity to be conducted.

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