Indonesia’s Intelligence Chief in Papua Killed by Civilian Armed Group

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Durian. Provincial chief of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) in Papua Brig. Gen. I Gusti Putu Danny Nugraha was killed on Apr.25 in a civilian armed group ambush when visited patrol route with other local security officials and staffs at Dangbet hamlet in Beoga district, Puncak Jaya regency, Commander of Cendrawasih Military Command (Kodam Cendrawasih) Maj. Gen. Ignatius Yogo Triyono said.

Kodam Cendrawasih overseas Papua and West Papua provinces in eastern most of Indonesia. Authorities said the attackers were from criminal armed group (KKB) led by Lekagak Telengen.

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“From information that I have received, the attackers from Lekagak Telengen group,” Triyono said in a press statement issued by the Indonesian Military (TNI).

The body of Brig.Gen. Danny to be evacuated on Apr.26 to Timika and later to Jakarta.

The killing of the top intelligence official in Papua has added to list of attacks conducted by KKB in Papua recently including to civilians such as to teachers, street sellers and religious clerics.

Authorities have repeatedly said that actions launched by KKB were terror actions.

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