Infrastructure of Indonesia’s Muara Angke Wildlife Reserves in Jakarta Operated

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Durian. Indonesian Environment and Forestry Ministry (KLHK) and Archipelago Natural Conservation Foundation (YKAN) have inaugurated supporting infrastructure, including more than 230 meter-length boardwalk, for Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve in North Jakarta on Nov.10.

“The development of infrastructure can benefit to achieve vision of managing area for the establishment of Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve for a center of environmental research and reservation of aquatoic birds living along Jakarta coasts,” Wiratno, director general of natural resources conservation and ecosystem (KSDAE) at KLHK at the inauguration ceremony.

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The development of supporting infrastructure is a form of implementation of KLHK and YKAN’s agreement to strengthening the function of the wildlife reserve, signed in July 2018.

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