Indonesia Expects Rehabilitating 600K Hectares Mangrove Forests

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Durian. The Indonesian government plans to rehabilitate 180,000 hectares mangrove forests in North Kalimantan and 600,000 hectares across the country, President Joko Widodo said on Oct.19 during his visit to the province.

The president and representative of foreign countries planted mangrove trees during their visit to Bebatu village in Tana Tidung regency, where he made the statement.

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“Our target in the next three years is to fix and rehabilitate 600,000 hectares from our total 3.6 million hectares of mangrove forests, the largest mangrove forests in the world,” President Widodo said after planting mangrove trees.

Revitalizing mangrove forests is also aimed to protect its habitat and species living there, the president explained.

Ambassador Jaroslav Dolecek of the Czech Republic, Ambassador Gustav Nelson Ayares Ossandron of Chile, Ambassador Jari Sinkari of Finland, Ambassador Kurt Kunz of Switzerland, Deputy Ambassador Daniel Barra Ferreira of Brazil and Country Director of the World Bank Satu Kohkonen were among foreign representatives who participated in the planting mangrove activity.

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