Blast at Indonesia’s Coal Mine, Dozens Trapped, 9 Killed

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Durian. Dozens of miners were trapped in a pit at a coal mine, following a blast that took place on Friday morning in Sawahlunto, Indonesia’s West Sumatra.

A National Police spokesperson said 15 people were trapped when the explosion was occurred, but nine of them were escaped the pit, five survived but wounded and four other dead.

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Rescuers are working to rescue six other miners from the pit. According to the police official, some of the victims are likely trapped around 200-meter underground.

Victims have been taken to nearby medical facilities.

Separately, according to the National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas), as of Friday afternoon, 11 victims have been pulled from the pit, nine of them have died and two other are in critical condition. Search and rescue operation is ongoing.

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