More Than 1 Million Trees Planted in Central Java’s ‘Critical’ Land

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The Central Java government has planted more than one million trees in an attempt to save “critical land” located in different areas within the province.

According to provincial secretary Sumarno, from January to October this year, more than 1,17 million tree seedlings have been planted in 35 regencies and municipalities in Central Java.

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Sumarno added that the province is looking to engage and working together with members of the public in the environmental conservation efforts.

“[Upon the planting, we] expect the public to also take care of the trees. Therefore, they will bring positive impacts in terms of disaster mitigation as well as bringing economic benefits,” he said on Nov.27.

Head of environment office (DLHK) Widi Hartanto said forest and land rehabilitation will continue in the long term, including through reforestation, as there are still critical lands in the province.

“We’re hoping that planting trees in empty land can become a habit, so we can conserve the environment,” Hartanto said.

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