Indonesian Evacuees Arrived From Afghanistan

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Durian. The Indonesian Air Force plane arrived at the Jakarta Military Airport Halim Perdankusumah on Aug. 21 from its evacuation mission in Afghanistan. The plane carried 26 Indonesian evacuees and seven foreign nationals, five Philippines and two Afghans.

The entourage was welcomed by Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi and the Military Chief Air Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto.

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Indonesian government sent its evacuation team, led by the Air Force, to Afghanistan following Taliban taking over many regions and cities, including capital Kabul on Sunday.

According to Minister Marsudi, the operations of the Indonesian embassy in Kabul are handled from Islamabad, Pakistan since the evacuation of the embassy staffs and ordinary citizens from the country.

Earlier, Indonesia planned to run the embassy operations with a small essential team, but due to the dynamic situation developed during the evacuation process on Aug. 20 morning, the immediate decision was made to close the embassy, while observing the development of Afghanistan crisis, Minister Marsudi said.

Afghanistan crisis begun in parallel with the withdrawal of the U.S. and NATO’s troops from the country. The withdrawal of U.S. troops is expected to complete by the end of August, ending its two decades of military personnel deployment to Afghanistan, aimed to chase the 9/11 perpetrators.

“Indonesia hopes that the inclusive political process which based on Afghan-led, Afghan-owned is still visible for the sake of the goodness of the people of Afghanistan,” Minister Marsudi said.

“Indonesia is still hoping that Afghan women’s rights are respected,” she said, adding that Indonesia still commits to assist Afghanistan to create peace in the country, especially through women empowerment cooperation.

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