Indonesian Justice And Human Rights Ministry Closed Temporarily Links to Covid-19

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Durian. Indonesia Justice and Human Rights Ministry has halt its work from office activities, starting from Aug.12 to 21 for disinfectant as part of preventive measures from the spreading of covid-19 virus, the ministry said on Aug.12.

An internal memo dated Aug.10 that circulating among journalists stated that some officers at the ministry have affected by covid-19 virus, therefore, the ministry in South Jakarta should be closed for disinfectant purpose. The authentication of the memo was confirmed by the ministry’s public affairs department.

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It’s not clear about the number of officer who are infected by the virus.

All civil servants and those who are in the leadership level should work from home for seven days.

Antara Reporters Infected

Four reporters and a cleaner who are working with Indonesian state-news agency Antara have infected by the virus, but the agency did not report the matter to local authorities for further health protocol measures.

Labor Union of Antara news agency regrets that management of the state company did not transparent to admit that those journalist and cleaner had come to their office in Jakarta a week before Jakarta authorities visited the office on Aug.10.

“We are disappointed with the statement made by management of Antara that all employees have been tested either rapid test or swab test, while in fact, many of employees of the company have not been tested,” Abdul Gofur, chairman of the labor union said on Aug.11.

Jakarta authorities made their visit to Antara’s office following information from public about confirm cases of ocvid-19 virus, but the management did not report directly as regulated in covid-19 pandemic handling efforts.

The union said the four employees are not supported by the office for the treatment of their illness and were asked for self-isolation only.

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